Upcoming Events at Southlake Fundamental Baptist Church

church calendar of eventsThere is always something going on at Southlake Fundamental Baptist Church!

You'll find the latest news, announcements, and upcoming events listed here.

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Upcoming Dates To Remember

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events so you don't miss out...

  • September 17 - Workers Seminar - Cost $35.00 at the door. Hosted at Emmanuel Baptist in Valparaiso 9:00 a.m.
  • September 25 - Church picnic
  • September 27 - Men's Fellowship
  • October 2 - Business Meeting after evening service
  • October 8 - Harvest Dinner at 5pm (please sign up)
  • October 8-9 - Missions Conference with James Ray and Don Sixt

Welcome New Members!

We are happy to welcome the newest members of the church:

Dusty and Hilda
Dale and Alan
Bobby Collins

September Jr. Usher Schedule

4th - Mark and Philip
11th - CJ and Carter
18th - Izzy and Ethan
25th - Anthony and Alex

September Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in September! We hope you have a great day and make wonderful memories.

1st Guy, Lexy, Guy and Nina Anniversary
3rd. Barb Zarris
4th Marcus
8th Vickie
9th Andy Richey
12th Nina
14th Ethan
15th Kim
17th Esther Frey
18th Vern and Sharon Anniversary
21st Ashley Anderson
23rd Connie Richey
24th Bob and Annette Creel Anniversary
29th Cindy

The birthday fellowship will be on the 11th this month and will be hosted by Nina.

September Nursery Schedule

Sunday Schedule
4th - SS Nina, a.m. Crystal, p.m. Ashley
11th - SS Crystal, a.m.Ashley, p.m. Hilda
18th - SS Nina, a.m. Hilda, p.m. Crystal
25th - SS Crystal, a.m.Elyse, p.m. Linda

Wednesday Schedule
7th Missy
14th Pam
21st Missy
28th Pam

September Beginner Church Schedule

4th - Jim and Cindy
11th - Jim and Cindy
18th - Curtis
25th - Hilda

Church Cleaning Schedule - September

9/3 Ashley and Hannah
9/10 Cindy and sub
9/17 Megan and Crystal Lynn
9/24 Missy and Nina

King's Kids Has Resumed!

King's Kids started back up on August 31. Take every opportunity to invite children you know to attend on Wednesday nights. This is a great way to introduce new families to church and share the Gospel message.

September 8 - Ladies Night Out

This month we are having a Ladies night out on September 8th at 6:00 p.m. We are meeting at Livio’s at 8267 Wicker Avenue in St. John. We hope you can join us.

September Missionary of the Month

Our missionary focus for the month of September is on the Gross family, working with Pastor Placement. Please pray for Mike, Heather, and Thomas Gross.

New Baby News!

Congratulations to Darden and Lexy on the birth of Darcy Elizabeth!

Darcy was born on August 1st, 2022, weighing in at 7 pounds and 5 ounces, and 18.5 inches long.

Every new baby is a blessing and a treasure. We pray God's blessings on this new little life.

August Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month.

2nd John and Nancy
3rd Don and Angie Berg
4th Maddyson Cohen
5th Don Sixt
11th Eric and Kim
11th Kevin and Maria Spink
11th Anny Wilson
15th Eric Porter
17th Simone Stevens
18th Walter and Simone Stevens
21st Paul and Jolie Sock
23rd Mike and Heather Gross
23rd George and Barb Zarris
25th Dan and Kelly
26th Zach
27th Mike Marsh
29th Curtis and Ashley
31st Caelyn Sixt
31st Carson Sixt
31st Angie Berg
31st Mike and Hazel Marsh

The birthday fellowship will be on the 14th and will be hosted by Vickie.

Mark Your Calendar - September 25

Our church picnic will be on September 25th this year. Please be sure to check the bulletin board for the sign up sheet and plan to attend.

August Nursery Schedule

Sunday Schedule
7th - SS Nina, a.m. Deb, p.m. Ashley
14th - SS Crystal, a.m.Ashley, p.m. Hilda
21st - SS Nina, a.m. Hilda, p.m. Crystal
28th SS Crystal, a.m.Elyse, p.m. Linda

Wednesday Schedule
3rd Pam
10th Missy
17th Pam
24th Missy
31st Pam

Church Cleaning Schedule - August

8/6 Ashley and Hannah
8/13 Cindy and Tabby
8/20 Megan and Crystal Lynn
8/22 Missy and Nina

August 12 - Ladies Luncheon

Our Ladies Lunch this month will be on August 12th at 11:30 at Eli's Golden Apple off Broadway in Crown Point. Hope you can make it.

Jr. Ushers Schedule - August

7th Mark and Philip
10th CJ and Carter
21st Izzy and Ethan
28th Anthony and Alex

August Missionary of the Month - Freys

This month our missionary focus is on the Frey family, missionaries to China. Please remember to pray for Steven, Megan, Matthew, Esther, Seth, Cherith, Daniel, and James.

August Beginner Church Schedule

7th - Jim and Cindy
14th - Jim and Cindy
21st - Curtis
28th - Hilda

July 31 - Schedule Change

We will be having an afternoon service on the 31st with a singspiration. No evening service.

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