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church calendar of eventsThere is always something going on at Southlake Fundamental Baptist Church!

You'll find the latest news, announcements, and upcoming events listed here.

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April Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month...

9th Dave Whitmore
13th Danny
14th Dan Dubbe
14th Steven Frey
15th Nathan Williams
15th Robert Wilson II
16th Samuel Williams
21st LouAnn
22nd Abigail Lopez
26th Carter

Dan and Tricia Dubbe

The birthday fellowship will be on the 14th this month and will be hosted by Pam.

Missionary of the Month - The Hornbecks

This month our missionary focus is on John and LeeEtta Hornbeck serving in Italy. Please keep them in your prayers.

Ladies Luncheon - April 12

Our April ladies lunch will be at 11:30 on the 12th at Giuseppes in Schererville.

Easter Sunday Schedule - April 21

The meeting times for our Easter Sunday services will be as follows:

Breakfast 8:30am
Church 9:00am - (Communion during service)
Sunday School 10:00am
Church 11:00am

Spring Program ~ March 31 - April 21

Our Spring Program will begin on March 31 and will continue until April 21. Make plans to invite as many new visitors as you can.

Every first time visitor gets to spin the wheel.

The top two children to bring the most visitors over three will receive a remote control helicopter.

The adult who brings the most visitors over three will receive a $50.00 gift card to Amazon.

Teachers Meeting - March 24

We will be having a Sunday School teacher's meeting on Sunday, March 24, directly after the evening service.

March Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in March:

2nd Louis and Tangaira's (anniversary)
4th John Rea
6th Judy
8th Darden
20th Sharon
20th CJ
22nd Alaina Anderson
22nd Hazel Marsh
27th John and LeeEtta Hornbeck's (anniversary)
30th Mickey

This month's fellowship will be held on the 17th and hosted by Nina.

Time Change Reminder!

Daylight Savings Time begins on March 10th. Don't forget to change your clocks.

Ladies Luncheon - March 8

This month ladies lunch will be on March 8. We will be meeting at Nokas located in the old courthouse on the square in Crown Point. See you there!

Missionary of the Month - The Freys

Our missionary focus this month is the Frey family serving in China. Please pray for Steven & Megan, as well as their children Matthew, Esther, Seth, and Cherith.

King's Kids Update

Our Kings Kids have been doing a Creation Science program. If interested call office for more details.

Notes & Reminders

  • Please remember to designate your giving for repair projects under building fund.

    Also please remember to date your giving envelopes so you will receive a giving statement at end of year.

  • A big thank you to those who come early to clear the parking lot and sidewalks. It is appreciated by all.

  • Please remember no eating or drinking in the auditorium.

  • Remember our shut-ins with prayers and cards as well as those under the weather.

  • Keep Arlington and Linda in your prayers as they go through Chemo.

March 1 & March 29 - Soup & Game Nights

Our upcoming Soup Suppers will be held on March 1st and March 29th. Please bring a pot of soup, drinks and dessert, as well as your favorite games.

BEAMS Bible Day

February 3rd was our Beams Bible Day. Our goal was to reach $400.00 to provide Bibles for the people of Burma. We exceeded our goal and raised $560.00. Thank you to all who gave!

February Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to those celebrating their birthday and anniversary this month.

2nd Laban S
3rd Phil R
4th Tricia D
11th Maria S
13th Seth F, Beverly S
14th Ashley, Gary
15th Jolie S
16th Tony and Tabby Anniversary
19th Holly W
24th Dawn W
26th Louis

The birthday fellowship will be on the 10th and will be hosted by Carol.

Missionary of the Month - The Dubbes

Please be in special prayer this month for Dan & Tricia Dubbe, serving in the country of Germany.

February 8 - Ladies Luncheon

This month the ladies will be meeting at the Olive Garden in Merrillville for our lunch get together. Come and join us!

January 25 ~ Soup & Game Night

Our monthly Soup and Game Night will be on the 25th this month, at 5:00 p.m. Bring a pot of soup, drinks, and a dessert.

Don’t forget your game!

New Missionaries - The Lopez Family

Our newest missionaries are Xavier and Rebecca Lopez Serving in Bolivia. Please add them to your directory and add them to your prayer list.

Some Important Reminders!

  • We still need volunteers to host the February and March Birthday fellowships.

  • Please remember to designate repair projects as building on your giving envelopes.

  • Please also remember to put the date on your giving envelope if you are wishing for an itemized statement at end of year.

  • Please remember to turn off lights when leaving a room. We have been having several lights left on during the week.

  • If you use the kitchen please remember to clean up after yourself.

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