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Upcoming Events at Southlake Fundamental Baptist Church

church calendar of eventsThere is always something going on at Southlake Fundamental Baptist Church!

You'll find the latest news, announcements, and upcoming events listed here.

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Missionary of the Month - The Andersons

Our missionaries serving in Jamaica, the Anderson family, are our missionary focus this month. Please remember to pray for Oral, Alicia, Oral Jr., Joshua, Alaina, and Ashley Anderson in a special way this month for God's blessings, strength, protection, wisdom, and good health.

Mark Your Calendar!

  • November 15 - Harvest dinner potluck after morning service, followed by afternoon service. No evening service.

  • November 22 - Faith Promise Sunday

  • November 24 - Pie and praise Tuesday (No service on Wednesday.)

  • December 1 - Deacons Meeting

November Birthdays & Australia

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month!

1 Cory
9 Jacinta
10 Jim Nettles
13 Steve and Megan Frye
16 Robert Wilson
18 Philip
19 Hailey
20 Dan
21 Marky
27 Jadon
29 Andy and Connie Richey

Nov. Nursery S.S. Schedule

  • Nina - 1st, 15th
  • Crystal Lynn - 8th, 22nd
  • Pam - 29th

Nov. Beginner Church Schedule

  • 1st Jim and Cindy
  • 8th Curtis
  • 15th Elyse
  • 22nd Lexy
  • 29th Crystal Lynn

VBS 2020

Although VBS 2020 was a little different, we still had a great time for the kids and the adults alike.

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October Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone who has a birthday or anniversary in October!

3rd David Anderson
11th Kailey
11th Vern
12th Tim
14th Bob Creel
17th Jim and Alberta
18th Megan Frey
22nd Landon Sixt
23rd John and Kristen Rea
25th Rachel Spink
26th Joshua Anderson
27th Xavier and Rebecca Lopez
29th Alyssa Lopez
30th FloAnne
30th Tangaira
30th Tirzah
31st Pam

VBS & Beams Giving

Our goal for VBS was to raise $400.00 for BEAMS for Bibles. We raised $630.00! Thank you to all those that gave!

Everyone had a fun time, and we were so blessed to see one adult and one child salvation on Friday.

Praise the Lord!

Sunday Evening Services Resume!

Sunday evening services have resumed, so please join us at 6pm on Sunday evenings!

Missionary of the Month - The Zarris

Our missionary focus this month is on the Zarris family, our missionaries to Christian Radio International. Please keep George & Barbara Zarris in your prayers.

We're Back To Work!

The work nights will resume on Tuesday, September 1, at 5:00pm. If you can come and help out on Tuesday evenings for a few hours to complete some tasks around the church, we'd love to have you.

Beginner Church - Workers Roster

The schedule for the workers in the Beginner's Church for the month of September is as follows:

  • 6th Jim and Cindy
  • 13th Curtis
  • 20th Elyse
  • 27th Lexy

September 13 - Church Picnic

We will be having our annual church picnic on Sunday afternoon, September 13. Please sign up if you plan to attend.

September 19-20 ~ Paul & Betty Hiscock

Paul & Betty Hiscock will be with us on Saturday and Sunday, September 19-20. Our Saturday service will be at 6:30 and he will speak again in the morning services on Sunday.

After the morning service on Sunday, we will go to a local restaurant for lunch if you would like to join them for fellowship.

VBS Fun Fair! September 11 & 12

We will be having a VBS Fun Fair for the children on Friday and Saturday, September 11th & 12th.

  • Friday: 6:30p.m. – 8:00p.m.
  • Saturday: 10:00a.m. - 2:30p.m.

We still need more workers, especially for Saturday. Please take some time to help out if you are able.

Our goal for giving is to raise $400.00 for Beams Bibles to be printed and sent to the foreign field.

Missionary of the Month - The Wilson Family

Our missionary focus this month is on the Wilson family, our missionaries serving in Mexico. Please remember to keep Robert, Anny, Robert II, Veronica, and Rosalinda in your prayers.

September Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in the month of September!

1st - Guy
1st - Lexy
3rd - Barb Zarris
4th - Marcus
8th - Vickie
9th - Andy Richey
11th - Tim Whitmore
14th - Ethan
17th - Esther Frey
18th - Vern & Sharon
21st - Ashley Anderson
23rd - Connie Richey
24th - Bob & Annette Creel
26th - Karlene Whitmore
29th - Cindy

Upcoming Dates To Mark On Your Calendar

  • September 12 - VBS Fun Fair Saturday

  • September 13 - Church picnic on Sunday afternoon

  • September 19 - Church Workers Seminar at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Valparaiso

  • September 20 - Paul & Betty Hiscock will be with us.

  • September 30 - Singspiration at 6:00pm

  • December 5 - Christmas Party for all adults.

August Birthdays & Anniversaries

Best wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month!

  • 2nd John and Nancy
  • 3rd Don and Angie Berg, Gordon Wilkey
  • 4th Maddison
  • 5th Don Sixt
  • 6th Gordon and Amy Wilkey
  • 10th David Williams
  • 11th Kevin and Maria Spink, Buckett, Anny Wilson
  • 12th Dave and Terri Long
  • 14th Mickey and Buckett
  • 17th Simone Stevens
  • 18th Walter and Simone Stevens
  • 21st Paul and Jolie Sock
  • 23rd George and Barbara Zarris
  • 26th Zach
  • 27th Mike Marsh
  • 29th Curtis and Ashley
  • 31st Angie Berg
  • 31st Carson Sixt
  • 31st Caelyn Sixt
  • 31st Mike and Hazel Marsh

Missionary of the Month - The Williams Family

Please remember to pray for Justin, Holly, David, Jonathan, Nathan, and Samuel Williams - our missionaries to England.

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